Strides Beyond Educational Services in conjunction with NASA technology, offers “FOCUS” neurofeedback training. Neurofeedback training focuses on identifying specific aspects of brain functioning in order to help change behaviors and enhance academic and athletic performance. This process helps to increase neural plasticity, improves sleeping patterns and helps to decrease negative thoughts and self-talk associated with less than optimal performance. The technology was developed for airline pilot and space shuttle training programs using psychological measures for assessing sustained attention, engagement, awareness and stress in laboratory flight simulators. Research results found significant overall improvement in pilot attention and engagement to task. The same highly sophisticated technology is embedded into the "FOCUS" neurofeedback system to improve attention, reduce impulsivity and increase vigilance thus facilitating the ability to attend and focus and advancing the learning and performance process.  Individuals begin the “FOCUS” program by familiarizing themselves with the practices of biofeedback and advance through the various stages of neurofeedback training.


Biofeedback Training

Non-invasive techniques help with the management of many physical and mental health conditions. The feedback generated allows clients to focus on subtle changes in their body. Health issues known to benefit from the practice of biofeedback include but are not limited to; stress, anxiety, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and high blood pressure.


Introductory Neurofeedback Training

Non-invasive techniques using games designed to improve attention stamina, visual tracking, time-on-task, short-term memory sequencing, discriminatory processing and focus.

Advanced Neurofeedback Training I

Techniques are taught utilizing patented NASA developed technology with PlayStation consoles and off-the-self video games. The NASA technology measures a player’s attention and focus and sends a signal the the PlayStation unit affecting the gameplay. As the player’s brain processes the information faster and more accurately, the game is able to progress at a faster speed. If the player is less attentive, brain activity is slower, causing the game to slow down. The interactive process exercises areas of the brain based on positioning of sensors that are associated with ADHD symptoms, impulse and behavioral issues, speech and language problems, academic skill challenges, auditory and listening difficulties, as well as motor skill problems. The result is a profoundly positive impact on the disorders.

Advanced Neurofeedback II

This media program utilizes patented NASA technology and allows clients to watch movies of their choice with the ability to view and hear the film dependent upon consistent attention and on-going improvement of brain functioning. When the client is most attentive and receptive, immediate feedback is provided with increased volume and full screen viewing. A decline in focus results in a decrease in volume and diminished screen size. Implementation of previously learned biofeedback and neurofeedback techniques is fundamental to the successful mastery of the advanced process.

PTSD and TBI Support

Individualized programs are designed to lessen the symptoms generally associated with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). Symptoms of both disorders may include, but not be limited to: anxiety, panic attacks, inability to concentrate, memory loss, migraines and other headaches, reduction in the ability to multi-task, mood shifts and decreased academic or work performance. Neurofeedback training helps to regulate stress response while facilitating the formation of new response patterns for increased self-regulation.

Peak Athletic Performance Training

NASA based media technology is used in conjunction with real-time video footage. The video is filmed while athletes actively participate in their sport wearing a small video recording device. The resulting footage is transferred to a media file which is used with the NASA media program. This training program stresses optimal focus while striving for peak performance and utilizes advanced biofeedback and neurofeedback techniques and strategies. Whether you are a professional athlete or just wish to achieve your personal best, “FOCUS” training sharpens your mental game, gives you an edge over your competition and helps prevent your mind from getting in the way of your performance.