Educational Workshops and Clinics

Strides Beyond Educational Services offers a variety of workshops and clinics for educational institutions and private industry. The following is representative of services offered. Additional workshops and clinics are added regularly.

  • Learning Differences – hands on, experiential workshop allowing participants to feel what specific learning differences are like on a daily basis and the impact they have on academic and athletic personal performance.

  • Virtual Processing Deficit Experience – an intense simulation of processing deficits while attempting to accomplish basic tasks of daily life.

  • ADHD – an educational and experiential workshop on the biology of ADHD, the implications of ADHD in the classroom and home environments, strategies for management, as well as treatment options.

  • Neurofeedback/Peak Athletic Performance Clinic – participants are familiarized with the process of neurofeedback as well as its applications to academic and athletic performance. Participants are offered the opportunity to use neurofeedback equipment and training exercises.

  • Rewired: Understanding the “I” Generation And The Way They Learn – participants explore media, media activities, and the incompatibilities that exist between adolescents, schooling and technology. Areas discussed include; digital natives vs/ digital immigrants, neuroplasticity, neuromarketing, texting, sexting and gaming.

  • Cyber Bullying – bullying has gone underground, viral and now encompasses 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. The motivation, strategies, and tactics of the bully and their supporters are explored as well as the reactions of the victim and bystanders. Strategies for dealing with bullies and methods for supporting victims are presented and evaluated.